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Frequently Asked Questions

The original Castle Accordion location in the historic White Castle building

The original Castle Accordion location in the historic White Castle building

Are you still operating your shop in the historic White Castle building on Lyndale Ave? After over 20 years at our highly visible Lyndale brick and mortar location, we've decided to segue the business to online sales and by appointment visits.  We still offer a full variety of accordions, equipment and services! 

Do you know anything about "Castle" brand accordions? We take our name from the original historic White Castle location of our store.  We have NO AFFILIATION with the "Castle" accordion brand.  We can tell you that they were made in Italy during the 1950's and 60's, but that is the extent of the historical information we have on hand.

Can you tell me how much my accordion is worth? We do offer written appraisals at a nominal fee. This service is available in person only. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any information about an instruments value or history without seeing, hearing and inspecting it in physically.

Do you know any accordionists who can play at my event? It may be possible for us to refer you to a wide variety of solo musicians and bands featuring accordion.  After serving the accordion community for over 15 years we are acquainted with many of the best musicians in the twin cities area.

What is your best price on a Roland accordion? We are unable to advertise our lowest Roland price.  Please call 612.821.8766 for the most competitive Roland pricing in the United States.